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Memorial Site for jaspal singh channa

Name of Deceased

1985 - 2005

"He is loved..."

We all miss you jassa, but we are consoled by memories of our time together and the positive impact you had on every life you touched. On this site, we'll share pictures and memories and do our best to keep the best part of you alive.

Reflections and Eulogies

Here we'll include a short biography of the deceased. We might include such information as where and when the person attended high school and college, where the person lived and worked, and who the person is survived by. We'll also include information about the person's hobbies and interests.

We may also add cherished memories from different family members, or perhaps enter some of the eulogies delivered at the funeral.

Gifts and Donations

Cards can be sent to preet nagar , phagwara, 144401. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to the ASPCA, Arlington Chapter.

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We might add other pictures of this person or of treasured mementos here, or scan in documents such as letters or military service papers.


Visitation hours and location:

Funeral time and location:

Interment time and location:

We may include a map to the cemetery here.

Memories are a comfort at this difficult time. Please take the time to get in touch and share yours. You can e-mail us with private messages:

jaspal atlast goto hell HELL in Chd. corporation.